How Nasapp works

NASAPP is a tool available to the citizen, to record odour pollution events. These individual registers forms a dynamic map of geographic affectation and are the start of scientific-technical studies oriented to the determination of air quality, validation of pollutant dispersion models or an early warning of an industrial-level incidence.

The result is the transformation of the subjective sensory assessment of each citizen into a package of objective information complemented and validated with the scientific and technical work of the Technological Centre of Catalonia, EURECAT. Obtaining thus, objective information updated in real time and accessible from any smartphone or computer
How Nasapp works

Different actors

The Nasapp system promotes the coordinated work of the necessary pillars to achieve success in the management of odour pollution. These are, listen to the citizen who suffers the affectation, provide objective information to those interested in remedying the situation that are public administrations and those activities identified as potential sources of odour, and to be able to access providers of technical solutions to solve the problem.
Reporters / Citiziens

Reporters / Citiziens

Problem detection

A reporter or odour informant is a citizen who, through Nasapp, registers those episodes of odor that he considers to be typical of situations of environmental pollution. In general, this action is framed within a citizen participation project.
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Public Administration / Companies Public Administration / Companies

Public Administration / Companies

Situation management

The public administrations and those companies that can be considered as potential sources of odour are the final users of the records made by the reporters. Nasapp allows you to develop a preventive and direct communication management with your nearest residential environment.
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Design a solution

In our case, as a reference technology centre, Nasapp allows us to identify exactly which are the problem points where we must intervene to design the best solution in a problem of odour pollution.

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Watch Nasapp worldwide records

Each one of your reports is analysed and is the starting point of a whole sequence of actions that allows us to identify and seek to solve an environmental problem that affects to all of us.

Become part of the Nasapp community

The creators of Nasapp work in odour pollution management, since 2003. Always starting from the study and monitoring of the sensory assessment of the citizen, together with local records of annoyance and environmental complaints.






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Registers through Nasapp, the contamination by bad odors events that you consider as an environmental problem in your city and participates in the creation of collaborative maps of odoriferous contamination.

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Ponte en contacto con nosotros y te mostraremos como NASAPP puede ser la solución a tu problema particular de contaminación por olores.
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