Do not put at risk the valuation of your "company brand". Go ahead and take the initiative in situations of discontent and social alarm. Nasapp allows you to propose a transparency system in order to solve an odours pollution problem in your company. Verify the effectiveness of your technical solutions, get verified information about the "real" annoyance of odours.

Access to NASAPP Cloud

Nasapp has a powerful manager to consult and process all the information sent by the reporter citizens. Consult from your company the impact in real time of your activities, manage your internal control system and design odour inspection controls in your plant.

Real time data

Visualize in real time and identify which actions in your activity are most affected by odours and their evolution, verify the effectiveness of the planned corrective actions.

Additional Information

Add extra features, such as the calculation of air dispersion models to the source or back tracking modelling based on each record made by the reporters. Do not be the favourite candidate for the source of all odour incident.

Strengthen your transparency policy

Respond before the problem gets big and efficiently manage the information exchanged from each reporter citizen or from your groups of close reporter citizens.

Reports and statistics

Get robust and objective reports, Nasapp allows you to apply filters, visualize customized maps, extract raw data, add air quality records and air dispersion models data.

Alert systems

Configure your personal environment according to your needs and manage the creation of notifications of relevant situation or social alarm due to odours. Be the first to know that something is going wrong.

Configurable environment

Design a management system tailored to your needs, from a complaint tracking system to an internal control system with personnel trained in field inspections.

Enhance your transparency policy

Nasapp transforms a situation of social unrest and citizen complaint, in a process of joint improvement, where the complaint becomes an indicator of efficiency of the solutions applied for the mitigation of odours. In this way, it is possible to optimize the economic resources allocated to this problem and ensure the success of the solutions applied.

Work with the values of "true" annoyance

Get the control of the situation of "true" annoyance by odours in urban areas close to your activity, work within a framework of objectivity and avoid introducing political, emotional or personal interests in your improvement project.

Create your own local environment

Create your own Nasapp personal tracking world, within a specific geographic area. Manage your project variables and work with a specific group of odour reporters. Establish individual or group communication channels, configure your own odour descriptors to work on a specific problem.

Own reporters

Your personal task group

Incorporates as reporters, trained analysts in sensory studies or field inspections, in the environmental area. Use staff from your same work environment as an internal reference.

Configurable descriptors

Your own odour wheel

Nasapp starts from the use of a universal odour wheel, but it is possible to define a personal odour wheel to adapt to the specific needs of the problem under study.

Direct communication

Your own communication channel

Nasapp has its own communication channel between the members of each system at the level of coordination and notifications.

Design and carry out your own internal control routes and field inspections

If your activity can be a potential source of odours, through Nasapp you can implement internal control systems and field inspections applying VDI 3940 protocols o Determination of odour in the ambient air by means of field inspections: Plume method - European Standard EN 16841-2. Create working groups formed in sensory analytics and design your internal protocols to be applied within the Nasapp platform.

Meteorology and Modelling

Nasapp allows you to have local weather information from each point of the planet.

It also has the option of adding the calculation of pollutant dispersion models, such as the calculation of back tracking modelling to the source for each odour record carried out and also the incorporation of a forecast model for the verification of emission dispersion models.

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