Do you feel that your right to breathe clean air has been left in the background?
Odor pollution affects our human rights and devalues our assessment of quality of life and the surrounding environment.

With Nasapp, in addition to claiming your right to breathe air free of odors, you collaborate directly in scientific studies of environmental pollution and all with the same "click" from your smartphone.

How does NASAPP work?

Once you have downloaded the Nasapp app you can start recording those odour pollution episodes that you consider necessary to correct in your ciudad.
The process is fast and simple, and consists of 4 steps:
  • 1 Location
  • 2 Type of smell
  • 3 Intensity
  • 4 Additional features


First and very important; you must confirm that your GPS location given by your phone is correct.

If our current location is correct, we click on "next", if on the contrary the location given by your smartphone is not correct, you can drag the pointer to your current location on the map.

Type of smell

Now we must select the type of smell, we will be presented with a odour wheel, grouped by types and subtypes, such as: Type: "Offensive" / Subtype: "Burned".

You also have the option to describe it with your own words, simply by choosing the "Other" option.


Next you must define the intensity of the perceived smell. Once the odour type and subtype has been selected, the app will ask you to define the strength of the odour you perceive.

Here you must select the intensity of the odour on a scale of 1 to 5, which is accompanied by its linguistic equivalents, "very weak", "weak" ... "very strong".

Additional features

Finally, we come to a summary of our report where you can check that the information collected is the one you want to report. Also, on this screen you have a space to add comments that complement your registered information, such as the origin of the odour, its frequency, if it has been affecting for a long time, etc.

This text can be accompanied by files or photos taken from the same phone, to supplement the information of the odour report.

What happens with my personal data?

Your records of odour episodes are presented from an anonymized structure, this means that the end information’s users, as would be the case of companies, industries and / or town halls, will not have access to your personal Nasapp user data from the odour records.

Only we (Eurecat), as a technological center, will have access to your personal information due to your participation in this citizen science project and we will contact you just in case we need to comment on any situation, always referred to the problem of odour pollution.

Open Map

Watch Nasapp worldwide records

Each one of your reports is analysed and is the starting point of a whole sequence of actions that allows us to identify and seek to solve an environmental problem that affects to all of us.

Become part of the Nasapp community

The creators of Nasapp work in odour pollution management, since 2003. Always starting from the study and monitoring of the sensory assessment of the citizen, together with local records of annoyance and environmental complaints.






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Download the APP

Registers through Nasapp, the contamination by bad odors events that you consider as an environmental problem in your city and participates in the creation of collaborative maps of odoriferous contamination.

Do you want to know more?

Ponte en contacto con nosotros y te mostraremos como NASAPP puede ser la solución a tu problema particular de contaminación por olores.
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