Application scenarios

We have been working on the design of odour pollution management systems since 2003. Always starting from the study and monitoring of the sensorial assessment of the citizen, together with the local records of annoyance and environmental complaints.

NASAPP was created during the month of July 2013 with the aim of giving citizens a computer tool within a structured and scientifically validated environment, which allows them to transform their subjective assessment into objective information, and thus be able to collaborate directly with their environment local scientific-technological, in the application of technical solutions.

Public administration

Your channel of direct communication with the citizen affected by an environmental impact. Also, you have at your disposal a map in real time with the affected geographical areas and their temporal evolution. Thus, you have early and robust information, necessary to efficiently manage situations of social alarm and citizen discontent due to poor air quality.

Petrochemical parks

Your ideal tool for internal management in the control of odour emissions, particularly in large areas such as petrochemical parks, where the diversity of sources can be very large.

When it seems that your improvement actions are never enough, NASAPP allows you to effectively optimize the investments made in corrective actions and validating their effectiveness directly.


With NASAPP you can correlate episodes of odour pollution with loading and unloading operations of merchandise, grains, chemical products and fuels, among others. It helps you in the optimization of these processes in order to avoid future odour incidents.

Sewage plants

Identify the weather conditions that favour odour episodes in nearby urban areas of your activity. This correlation will allow you to create forecast models for the early warning of favourable conditions for odour pollution event and thus avoid repeating situations of discomfort with your neighbours.

Chemical companies

Manage in a efficiently way, the risk in operations that can be potential generators of odour episodes, knowing in advance the favourable meteorology for its occurrence. Locate diffuse emissions by means of internal control rounds and validates the corrective actions carried out.

Waste managers

Optimize your applied dispersion models. It works with models of dispersion of pollutants more robust and real with respect to what is affected by odours.

Fishing industry

Respond quickly and efficiently to a situation of citizen complaints and discontent due to odour episodes. Correlate in an easy way, which are the most delicate operations and precursors of odour incidents.

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